New Year’s Resolutions 2011

Sparkling 2011 It’s the time of year again where we all try to make plans for the upcoming year and promise ourselves that we won’t eat chocolate, we’ll go to the gym and other things that we have to physically exert ourselves for.

So here’s mine:

I want to read more. I’m going to try to read a book a week, starting with The Great Gatsby. I’ll review the book then.

By the end of January I want to have this blog moved to, have all the Culture Cafe podcasts edited and online and my new ‘Nessycast’ up and running.

I want to up-skill a bit and get better with 3D animation and with Javascript and php and actually understand it all.

I would like to spend some more time in France and get some driving lessons.. thinking about it, that’s probably enough to keep me busy 🙂

Oh I’ve also made a pact with Daire O’Reilly that I, yes me, will record an album before November 2012.. so i better get cracking on that.. :S