New web and video projects

Its nearly 3am, I’m not at home and can’t sleep so I might as well tell you what’s going on.

I had a preproduction meeting earlier today with Nucentz and Rawsoul for their track ‘Let it all out’. It’s a great track and I’ve been listening to it for months on my ipod so, fingers crossed, hopefully I will be able to do it justice. The guys are a Dublin based HipHop duo but this track is completely different. Its an acoustic based track and also features the guitar work and dulcet tone of Paul Donnelly, who I had the pleasure of meeting today for the first time.

I’m also working on a new website for the legend, Jimmy MacCarthy. Jimmy is well known in the music ondustry and is one very talented man. He wrote the Christy Moore song ‘Ride On’ amongst others. Jimmy’s site should be finished by midweek. I’ll post a link when its online.

Trying to keep myself busy, I’ve been working on some little flash banners and animations. I was asked to submit a proposal for another website during the week. Already had a meeting in connection with that so hopefully that will work out!

Think that’s the news for now, so from me, on location, in rainy Ballinteer,

…nessy out!