New Dublin Transport Map Unveiled

Dublin Transport Map

I do love a good map. Old maps, new maps, maps of countries that don’t exist any more. The London Underground Map is iconic and a work of genius. But there’s never been anything like it for Dublin, until now.

Enter Chris Singleton, yes, the fella from Five Grand Stereo and Style Factory Communications and graphic designer, Richard Hart. They’ve got together and completed the very awesome, Dublin Train Map and a very nice website to boot, Dublin Public Transport.

You’ll never had to try figure how how the hell to get from Dundrum to Castleknock anymore. Even the train commuter belt is taken into account.

  • So in this map you’ll get all DART, Commuter and Luas lines along with at-a-glance frequency guidance.
  • Wheelchair accessibility information for each station is included on the new map – something that is missing from existing maps. (hurrah)
  • The map provides clear information regarding which stations provide bike and car parking.
  • The map includes the two Airlink airport bus routes to help visitors to Dublin switch easily from airport buses onto other modes of transport in the capital. 

Dublin Train Map

Dublin Rail Map

Download the Dublin Train Map

You can download the map in both PDF and JPG from

When you download the PDF, you’ll also get a station index which isn’t in the jpg.

The map is still in BETA so if you’ve any thoughts on things that should be included, do get in touch with Chris and Richard. This is an independent project using information that is publicly available from travel operators in Dublin. No one just bothered to put the whole lot together before.

As well as the new rail map, the website,, has lots of other features:

One of my bugbears is about how Ireland, took up a lot of train lines across the country. In the past few years, Dublin has finally managed to get a cross city LUAS Line. Imagine actually being able to go from South to North Dublin, without having to change trains! I love love trains, I love the new trams. This new little map feels like someone had the gumption to actually get up and make a Dublin map that all capital cities had but Dublin had been left behind on.

Hurrah! Bravo chaps!