Nessy Recommends // Ex:Re – Romance

Elena Tonra - Ex:Re - Nessy Recommends

Nessy Recommends // Ex:Re – Romance

Elena Tonra is best known as the vocalist from Daughter. The Londoner announced her self titled debut album under the moniker, Ex:Re, a couple of days before its release on November 30th.

The lead single from the album is ‘Romance’, an understated grower of a track that chronicles the start of a relationship while still burning with the embers from a previous one.

‘Romance’ sets the tone for what the rest of the post breakup album has to offer. A diary of self learning, grieving and contemplation. Lyrically, Tonra captures and lures the listener with honest storytelling and reflection. You feel her pain, her grief and this is musically backed up by the instrumentation of the track.

I really like this track and am looking forward to getting to know the album better.

Romance and Ex:Re’s album are available digitally now on 4AD & Glassnote Records.

Find out more about Elena’s work as Ex:Re on Facebook. You can find out more about Daughter on their website.