Nessy Recommends // Exiles – Rearview Mirror

The music duo Exiles pose with a dark moody background for their single Rearview Mirror

Carlow duo, Exiles, are back after a year away with a new single ‘Rearview Mirror’ and you need to take notice.

While lyrically ‘Rearview Mirror’ deals with the aftermath of a breakup (shit for life but always brilliant for songs), the musicality of the synth and rhythm section offer optimism. There’s a fantastic retro synth wave vibe to this.

Working with producer, Michael Heffernan, Exiles have nailed it with ‘Rearview Mirror’. I think I’ve now listened to this about seventeen times in a row. Memorable singalong hooks counterbalanced by that beautiful bassy synth sound. That’s my heaven. They know exactly what works and the ebb and flow of verse and chorus tease you in.

Be prepared for Exiles to be on the crest of the synth wave in the not to distanced future. One problem with this track, it finishes too soon.

Exiles will launch Rearview Mirror at Whelan’s on Friday 22nd February 2019 at 8pm. Tickets available from

You can find out more about Exiles on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can hear them on Spotify