Nessy Recommends // Dreaming of Jupiter – Fading

Dreaming of Jupiter - Nessy Recommends Fading

Nessy Recommends // Dreaming of Jupiter – Fading

Dreaming of Jupiter launched their Fading EP with a gig in Dublin’s Button Factory this week but not before unveiling the new video for the title track.

I’ve been privy to having this EP before it’s launch and let the 4 track opus delight my aural senses. Dreaming of Jupiter fit nicely in the ‘neo soul pop’ category  but I just file them under ‘fecking good music’. I have played ‘Right Kind of Love’ on The London Ear and was extremely impressed with the songwriting, musicality, energy and production and it’s one of my favourite songs of the year. Then, they come along with this.

Again, the band offer a masterclass in production and songwriting. The rumbling and fading synth bass line is to die for. Lyrically, the song points at a fading love but with a tempo change midway through, turns the event into a major positive. Plus there are not many acts who can seamlessly change from English to Spanish and back without seeming like they are trying too hard. For Dreaming of Jupiter, this sounds like the most natural thing in the world.

The colour palette for the video has been hinted at by the band across their socials for the past while, monochrome with a splash of colour. Directed by Matthew Megaman Russell, submersive ink drops and a life size canvas cleverly illustrate the anguish and, almost grief, of a lost love.

Dreaming of Jupiter know who they are, they know their sound and they know exactly how they want to portray themselves.  With this track, front woman, Zoë Gough, is front and centre, vocally and visually. These guys are ready to take the world on in 2019, I wouldn’t bet against them.