Nessy Recommends // Ben Garrett – Falling

Ben Garrett

I absolutely fell in love with ‘Falling’ as soon as I heard it.

Ben Garrett is a Dublin multi instrumentalist who has just released his first solo single ‘Falling’.

Ben was part of the much loved, ‘Overhead, The Albatross’ who went on hiatus in 2017. After eight years working solidly with the band, Ben decided to get a Mac and Ableton and delve into the ideas that he hadn’t shared for one reason or another. ‘Falling’ is one of those ideas.

It’s not his first venture since 2017 though. Last year, Ben teamed up with David Prendergast, also of O, TA and released a couple of singles and videos under the moniker, We Had Zillions. Check out Ben’s drumming on ‘Endless’.

Since then, Ben has played at the Cork Jazz Festival with the ever funky Zaska and also worked with Bold Puppy, scoring a pole dancing vid!

Back to Ben’s solo exploits. Ben’s style of music follows on from Overhead, The Albatross. If you haven’t heard of the band before, fans of Public Service Broadcasting are going to love this.

‘Falling’ is a beautiful piece of work. The track rises beautifully from a delicate start, both rhythmically and instrumentally, enabling you to get lost in a glorious sonic landscape. This makes the spoken words about looking after ‘the planet we got’ all the more poignant.

There is positivity with the words ‘I trust in humanity’ and this is echoed in the musicality of the track, giving a sense of hope. Not all is lost. This is a chance to reflect and do better and it is expressed fantastically by the music machine that is Ben Garrett.

This is a really enjoyable piece of music, I’m really looking forward to hearing what’s coming next.

You can find out more about Ben Garrett on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and YouTube.