My Arthur’s Day Diary 2011

Miles Kane and Nessy
Miles and Me having a laugh
I really wasn’t expecting to be so busy this week. I heard at the beginning of the week that there might be a possibility of doing some interviews for Goldenplec with artists who were over for Arthur’s Day.

As I was free I said I’d be up for anything..turns out I had a ball!

First up on Wednesday I interviewed The Brilliant Things who recently signed to Universal and this was nothing to do with Arthur’s Day. The band’s debut album is being released on October 7th. I might add I don’t think I’ve ever interviewed a band who laughed quite as much! Hilarious!

From there I headed towards Arthur’s Day HQ, stopping off at the little coffee shop for a little bit of extra research before my scheduled interviews with Bitches With Wolves and BellX1. It was also good to have a chat/bitch with Aidan who runs Goldenplec, we don’t get too many chances.

James from Bitches With Wolves is so adorable, the world needs is a decent popstar and fashion icon who isn’t Lady Gaga.. I vote James in! Lovely guy with great hair and he gives great hugz.

I was a little apprehensive about chatting to BellX1, I know Dave from years ago but these guys are the biggest thing on our land, nevermind U2. Doesn’t matter what venue it is, they’ll sell it out. The conversation started out as most, chatting about music but somewhere along the way, thanks to a question suggest from my littlest sis turned into a full scale debate on whether 99s needed strawberry sauce or not.. By the way, YES THEY DO!!!

Thursday morning saw me up before sunrise to read up another bit on who I was going to be chatting with. I knew I definitely would be talking to Ronnie Vannucci of Big Talk and The Killers and The Charlatans. I also had the chance to get some face time with Miles Kane who I interviewed two weeks ago. It would be weird to have another serious chat with Miles so I opted for a quick fire ‘Twenty-ish questions’. He’s a lovely bloke and would love to catch up with him again. (I even got a thumbs up from the stage later that night).

Next was on to Ronnie Vannucci from the Killers who has a new sideproject going. It was a really brilliant opportunity to get to chat to one quarter of one of the biggest bands in the world. Down to earth guy who doesn’t seem to be into bullsh1t and was suffering just a little bit from jetlag. He had flown in from Las Vegas the night before. He also did a really cool name check for the radio.. nice one!

A quick hop step and jump to the media tent at James’ Gate meant I had my media pass sorted nice and early! A quick cuppa later, it was back to business.

When I walked into the room, I wasn’t expecting five of The Charlatans to be there. Tim Burgess was sitting one side of a table, with the rest of the guys on the opposite side of the room so I sat in beside Tim. I was a bit nervous about this one, these guys are legends. I heard a couple of interesting stories and the guys were kind enough to sign my copy of weirdo that I brought with me.

By the time I was leaving Arthur’s Day HQ, I think Kelly Jones from Stereophonics must have thought I was stalking him. Bumped into him when he arrived at the hotel, when he was having his breakfast and later in hallway of the media centre. I also got to say hi to Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters in the lobby as I was leaving, nice guy, seems very friendly.

Then I managed to get to sit down for an hour, get some proper food and get ready for the night ahead. I was already wrecked but absolutely loved every minute of my Arthurs Days!

>The Charlatans Weirdo signed
The Charlatans Weirdo 7inch signed by the band