Mugger Dave: What’s She Doing Here Album Review

Three piece Mugger Dave kick off their debut album with an brilliant intro that suggests this is an actual event. Keys, acoustic guitar and immaculate harmonies build up to a full rock explosion.

It’s a good old guitar driven rock n roll album, mixed throughout with harmonies and decent melodies, add a little dash of punk and perhaps even a trickle of ELO in a modern setting and you’re sorted.

Along with previous singles “Crawl Up’ and ‘Got a lot on my mind’, the band mix up tempo and slower tempo-ed tracks throughout the album. ‘End Meat’ deserves a mention, catchy hooks, memorable refrain.. contender for a next single perhaps.

It’s a definite grower, sit down with headphones on for 48 minutes, its practically the same length as one half of a game in this boring World Cup… you’ll be entertained.

5 out of 6

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