Mud/!Kaboogie 6th Birthday feat Ms Dynamite at The Twisted Pepper Review


Friday night, February 10th 2012: This review was originally published on Goldenplec.

The Twisted Pepper was the venue for Mud/!Kaboogie 6th birthday party. With a plethora of acts performing and Ms Dynamite headlining, it was sure to be a good night. Upon entering the venue, you could feel the buzz and the ‘up for it’ vibe.

Entering the main venue, Tableek, a American rapper was onstage. He was good, really good. He was backed up by his DJ G Frequency his guy knew how to get the audience involved and rhymed like there was no tomorrow. He easily had the crowd singing along with a ‘doing the wrong thing for the right reason’ refrain.

By chance I bumped into Adam Breakonomics and he told me that he had DJed earlier. It also seemed that Irish hiphop guys, The Animators had also played earlier. Somewhere along the way, the door time seems to have changed to earlier than the advertised 10 pm. which was a little disappointing as I had wanted to see both of these guys.

The night was held throughout the entire venue, not just the main room. DJ sets were mixed with emcees throughout the venue. Finglas native, Temper-Mental MissElayneous treated the audience to her brand of hiphop rhyming, using the occassion as an launch for her Proletarian Restitution E.P.

It was then trying to figure out who was playing where and and what time, I realized this was like a mini festival. I needed a map or at least a schedule of what time everyone was playing at. If you’re a regular to the venue, you’ll know where all the rooms are and where to go, if you’re a newbie, you mightn’t be so lucky.

That’s not to take away from the standard of bass driven music echoing from every corner. Back in the main venue an audio visual show was taking place. The crowd loving the innard ripping bass sounds. Visuals were projected on two walls, directly behind the VJ and to the right of him on stage. I believe this guy’s name was Redmonk, I asked at the sound desk, I was told to check the Facebook page. Either way, he had an interesting collage of images and sounds.

Formula Records’ DJ, Champion was up next. His musical set was a lot more varied than his VJ predecessor. There was and ebb and tide of punters entering and leaving the main venue all night but once Champion took to the stage, they stayed put. Excellent melodic set, got the crowd completely revved up.

It’s nearing 2 a.m. and Ms Dynamite is about to take the stage. Standing room has become a valued commodity. The crowd is already is the palm of her hand as she starts her trademark ‘Dy-na-mit-ee‘, crowd in full voice. It’s a good job we’re on the ground floor, the entire audience are jumping, not sure many floors would cope.

Backed by DJ Free, Ms Dynamite is a master of knowing her audience, calling for the women to let themselves be heard. In a short set, we’re treated to ‘Lion’s Den‘, and recent Labrinth produced single ‘Neva Soft‘.

Over the past year or two, Ms Dynamite has worked her way back to ‘Dy-na-mit-ee‘ heights and collaborations have been a big part of that. The Twisted Pepper crowd get a taste with the Katy B track ‘Lights On’. Crowd interaction is important here and the audience are encouraged to try saying ‘What you talking about?’ in a Cockney accent. Ms D lends the microphone to one lady in the front row for a try. The angry attempt makes her remark that she’s scared. Don’t worry so is Phil Mitchell after that.

It’s the use of a sample of the Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ mixed with ‘Fire’, originally with Magnetic Man, that sends the audience to a higher plane. Huge. It’s a short set, Ms Dynamite does as her name suggests. Blows the place to pieces, great performer.

The lights come on as the main venue empties, I decide to do one last sweep of the building, there’s music still coming somewhere. DJs are still going, the crowd still loving it. In another room, MC’s are freestyling over beats. Upstairs, a DJ is still playing hip hop as someone backflips across the floor. Great night, a monster birthday party.I just wish there was a timetable of when everything was on.