MTV For Dublin…done

Wow! Sometimes I question the dedication of some people in college – I’m not sure everyone wants to be there all the time. This week though I’m overcome with amazement and gratitude. So my idea for our Projects in Multimedia assignment was to so a Promo video for the MTV for Dublin campaign.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had other classmates work out musical scores and send me original music, to use in my project, when they have their own to be doing. Kevin and Aisling, I thank you both deeply. This was something I was truly passionate about doing and I’m delighted that maybe some of my passion for the project rubbed off on some of you guys.

The assignments are due in tomorrow – I have four different versions completed. There will be more over the next few weeks.

Version 1: 30 seconds featuring the dulcet tones of Kevin McCabe

Version 2: 30 seconds

Version 3: 1 minute

Version 4: 2 minute

You can see other videos I’ve made here