Movie Quest 2010

Popcorn for movies at home

Movie Quest 2010

I’ve been really bad with doing this, I’ll see how many movies I’ll watch between now and New Year’s Eve until its Movie Quest 2011.


The Kids Are Alright

This movie started off really well, laugh out loud funny in places. Unfortunately after the first 15/20 minutes things went downhill. Directed by Lisa Cholodenko, who also directed episodes of The L Word and Six Feet Under, ‘The Kids Are Alright‘ tells the story of a lesbian couple played by Annette Bening and Julianne Moore who have used a sperm donor to have two kids. When the eldest turns eighteen, the childrens’ father (Mark Ruffalo), is brought into their lives.

After the story background, the story starts failing. Bening’s character is a complete bitch who treats her partner like crap but instead of working out the extra subplots properly the story relies on the fact that the story is about a lesbian couple. Let’s it down a lot. Worth a look if you are completely snowed in and don’t mind never getting that hour and a bit back.




Angelina Jolie is overlooked a lot as being a great actor, mainly because she’s hot. She’s back in action mode here as a CIA agent, Evelyn Salt, who may or may not be a Russian spy, I’m not going to tell. Interesting story, more interesting as sleeper spies were found in the US earlier this year.

Salt goes on the run as a Russian defector names her as the person about to assassinate the Russian president who is in NYC. Failing to get in touch with her husband, Salt goes on the run fearing for his safety.

Directed by Philip Noyce this is an extremely enjoyable film, great fight scenes, a few crashes and buildings being blown up. Pity Angelina’s blonde look is so awful though.