Movie Quest 2010

I really love having the flu.. i’m being sarcastic.. good you knew that. The upside is getting to watch more movies 🙂

What have I seen? Invictus, The Hurt Locker, both Transformers movies, Paranormal Activity. Where I’m going to start is with..

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

I loved this! Director Paul Weitz tells the story of Darren and his mate Steve who go to a ‘Cirque Du Freak’, a good old traveling freak show. Darren steals a spider from the show, it bites Steve who falls into a coma. To get an antidote for his friend, Darren must leave his life and join the Cirque du Freak.

It’s a good versus evil story, Vampires never kill .. that’s the Vamponese, and its probably aimed at kids slightly younger age than the Twilight Saga, maybe 10-12.  Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant was never boring, great events and costumes. Seeing as it was based on a series of books, there could be more.


Wasn’t sure if i was going to like this. Clint Eastwood directs the based John Carlins book of Nelson Mandela, Francois Pienar and The South African Rugby team. Morgan Freeman plays Mandela while Matt Damon plays the role of Pienar the captain if  the rugby team.

Its not a bad film, quite enjoyable but doused in nostalgia as I could remember the 1995 Rugby World Cup. (I was working in a bar at the time so you don’t forget these things).  There’s a point in the film where Mandela thanks a fan for embracing the new flag. I actually remember asking about the South African Flag at the time.

So these memories of the time may have slightly tarnished what i thought of the film. Would like to hear what other people thought.

The Hurt Locker

Another Best Picture Nominee, this time directed by Katherine Bigelow, The Hurt Locker follows a US army brigade in Iraq and the daily hide and seek games they play with the enemy. Filmed almost in a documentary style at times, the film is probably Hollywoods first time to broach the subject of modern Iraq and is well worth a view.

The squads first sergeant is killed, his replacement shows an almost wreckless/immortal attitude which causes other soldiers to question his reliability.

I’ve had a few discussions about this film, a couple of others say it doesn’t depict what really goes on in a war. The only way we would really know is to strap a camera to each soldiers helmet as they are sent off. What this film does is reassure an American population that their men aren’t forgotten and they do have some stories to tell.

Well worth a watch!

Paranormal Activity

What can I say, easy to make, easy to film, clever over exposing, clever non framing of subjects, dodgy lights, classic! Oren Peli, (director) you deserve all the respect you get. It wasn’t that scary though!

Paranormal Activity ‘tells’ the story of Micah and Katie, a couple who live in San Diego and think Katie is being haunted. All I’m saying. Watch it!


Transformers 1 & 2

Never watched them as a kid. I know there was something about a truck who turned into a monster or something. Great special effects, another good versus evil story. Megan Fox is the best thing about it.

Two Movies: Five hours… enough