Morning Hush: Romance Single Review

Morning Hush

There seems to be a new breed of Irish band emerging with a more uptempo rock feel that want to take you by the shoulders and give you a good shake. Count Morning Hush in that.

The Dublin based band have been around for a couple of years and are about the release their single ‘Romance’. The track kicks in immediately and the guitar/synth/bass rift get in your head and stay there. There’s nice vocal interaction between the male and female leads.

The Goldilocks-esque refrain ‘Who’s been sleeping in my bed’ and chorus with memorable lyrics could easily make this track a live favourite as well as having a home on radio.

The nice surprise about this two track single is the remix of ‘Romance’. While the first track is obviously a rock track, the Eberhart remix gives the track a life in a completely different genre. The remix is a complete reworking of the track and it seems to this listener that the only original music tracks used are the vocals. This has pumping bass and phat beats (always wanted to use that). Clubbers Delight.

‘Romance’ is released on June 4th with a gig in The Village

5 out of 6

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