More Free Music from Hoarsebox


Hoarsebox are a Dublin quartet with an indie-pop sound featuring inventive 4-part vocal harmonies. The guys are currently recording their first full length album in Mississippi with renowned producer Dennis Herring. Their previous release, the EP Cuckooland is full of upbeat, summer-y tunes and to celebrate the summer and share their music Hoarsebox are giving away all five tracks from Cuckooland over the course of the summer for FREE. Yes, you heard right, nada, zilch, rien, nothing.

Just go Here now to get the first two songs Rosey and Tales of the Workplace.
Then share the link or widget with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or even just by plain old-fashioned email. The more people who sign up to get the songs the quicker the third, fourth and fifth download will be released.

This video should explain all: