Miracle Bell: Light Shape Sound Review

LightShapeSoundsinglecover For the fourth single from their album, Miracle Bell opened up to their fans and let them decide what it was going to be. Title track from the album ‘Light Shape Sound’ came out on top.

This doesn’t seem like a fourth single from an album, it’s melodic, has a memorable hook, has all the characteristics of a first or second single. ‘Light Shape Sound’ is probably more indie than the preceding singles but Miracle Bell still remain true to their electro branding with subtle synth sounds throughout the mix.

Lyrically the track concept is very clever. ‘In the light, we won’t feel shapes but we’ll feel the sound’. Musically, there’s tight production but the instruments never seem overcrowded. Melikes!

This track has done two things for me. 1.Thanks to its refrain, I would now like to go to Barcelona. 2. Proves what a great Irish band Miracle Bell are. I can’t wait for new material.