Mike Got Spiked: Live and Acoustic Review

mike got spiked acoustic album coverMike Got Spiked were a well loved Irish band who had made a dent in both the single and album charts here until they relocated to the U.S.A where they have been constantly touring since 2006.

Recorded in The Cat Club in Hollywood CA, ‘Live and Acoustic’ sees the Monaghan natives show in acoustic mode, but yet they still manage to capture the frenzied passion of a full electric set.

The Ska/Punk/Rock flavoured Mike Got Spiked show themselves as a kit well accomplished outfit and this stripped down set shows the band for their intrigued arrangements. New and previously released tracks sit side by sit comfortably.

Speechless starts as a breakneck speed ska track cohesively held together by a slick rhythm section. Second track, Tit For Tat, features some catchy hooks. Dave Lodge’s lightning fast bass skills are on display on ‘Sleeping With the Enemy’. ‘Come Dancing’ is a funk track that Republic of Loose would be thrilled if they wrote.

Mike Got Spiked let their “Oirish’ out in ‘Whiskey For Ma Tae’, which the local crowd seem to adore. A rock diddly eh die track with a good old tin whistle.

The band enlist the help of singer Lorriane Maher on ‘Stop Thinking’, a tender (yes I used tender in a MSG review), thoughtful song. Once the track kicks in, Gavin McGuire shares some great harmonious moments with his guest vocalist.

The band’s first chart entry ‘All You Need’ gets a jazzy make over. ‘Fool for the ladies’ (DCUfm favourite) also gets the acoustic treatment and McGuire’s vocals seem to have the greatest range on this track. The live session is closed with ‘No is not the Answer’, an insight that Mike Got Spiked ain’t leaving familiar ground.

This is a good stepping stone in the countdown to the release of their second album, MSG manage to pack so much punch into this acoustic offering that when the album does come round, your head might just explode!



  1. Speechless
  2. Tit For Tat
  3. Sleeping With The Enemy
  4. Not My Problem
  5. Prising I
  6. Whiskey For Ma Tae
  7. Stop Thinking
  8. Vasectomy
  9. Outta My Head
  10. Come Dancing
  11. All You Need
  12. Fool For The Ladies
  13. No Is Not The Answer

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