MGB: For The Ones We Knew Review

MACHINE GUN BABY coverMBG are back with a new abbreviated initialised name and a 5 track EP. The four piece have grown up since their debut ‘Yes I’ll Wait’ but now the Kings of Leon influence has taken over a little too much methinks.

After the first track, ‘Judgement Day’, the KOL wears a tad on the ears. The band are good musicians and production is good. This just feels a little bit by the book. There are elements throughout ‘On My Way’ that are reminiscent of White Lies while ‘The Rescue’ shows the vocal influence of Arcade Fire.

Last track on the EP is ‘On The Fence’ and is exactly where I am about MGB. The ‘live’ track while good and showing a slightly different side of the band, especially with percussion, has more whelps and whoops at the start than many MTV unplugged sessions. A little bit of overkill.

Musically and lyrically, you can see MBG developing as a band, they need, though to define their sound to stand out from the crowd.