MG: One More Day Review


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Irish Hip hop has come on in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years and has been consistently getting better all the time, acts like Nucentz and Rawsoul leading the pack.

‘One More Day’ is the new single from Irish artist MG (Mark Gaughran) and is heavily Eminem influenced. This is an artist trying not to sound Irish but because he’s not trying to sound Irish, he does. The guy can rap, there’s no question about that. The production of the track is throwing this reviewer off a bit, even to the reverb/delay used on MG’s vocals. Maybe the tracks producer should look outside the ‘E’ category in his local record store.

It’s quite a laid back track, I don’t know if there’s enough impact in the chorus / ‘One More Day’ refrain. This might have been a better second or third single.

In ‘Haunt Me’, Gaughran lets his rhymes slip off his tongue at breakneck speed, impressive. This track has a rockier approach but has a more melodical chorus, I prefer this one.

Gaughran’s talent is not in question.. just get a good Hip Hop producer or perhaps look at a collaboration with some of the genre’s crew here. It will be interesting to see how Gaughran develops.

4 out of 6

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Edit: After looking for a direct website or information and finding it exceedingly difficult to get any information, I’m taking a point off..

3 out of 6