Machine Gun Baby: Promo Review

Machine Gun Baby

Hailing from Dublin’s Northside, Machine Gun Baby have been starting to get their name around lately. I’m going to see if I can find out why.

The two track promo starts with ‘Yes I’ll Wait’ a slow building track to rousing chorus. At 2.47 it’s a radio dream. Vocalist, Keegan has a strong Kings of Leon type voice and this track seems not to stretch him at all. The bass sound is a little reminiscent of Adam Clayton’s sound, thats not necessarily a bad thing. Its not a bad track, I’d like to see a little more of the rousing chorus style though, the track rises and falls a little too much perhaps for a short track.

‘Under the Sun’ is more like what I was looking for. A nice guitar, drum, vocal combo, this is quite a KOL influenced track. The track again rises and falls, almost for Keegan’s vocals. I’d like to see more of the rises. The overall production isnt bad either, if the drums were a little louder and more in your face, this could be a stonking track.

Not a bad start, Machine Gun Baby, have their sound and seem to know where their strengths lie. A little bit of fairy dust could go a long way with these guys.

4.5 out of 6

This review was written for MusicReviewUnsigned