Luas and Bus Crash

luas and bus crash

Two days ago in Dublin’s Fair City, a local Luas (tram) crashed into a Dublin bus.

Three people were seriously injured but it hasn’t taken long for the Photoshoppers to raise their heads.

Which brings me to the question, was this ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ advert actually done by someone having a laugh or is this the equivalent of a viral video, in this case a viral image.

Could it have been photoshopped by Specsavers?

They are known for an off beat style in their TV adverts. I’m not for one minute saying they DID do it, it just opens viral advertising to be included in photojournalism too.

This image was circulated through Twitter and we looked at it because it is a local issue.. Obviously this image would work only in countries where Specsavers operate.

Is anything, including the news safe?

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