Looking for this Tattoo Artist

biomech tattoo

About a year ago I found this picture online, it was from a tattoo forum. If I searched google I could find it using Helmut, biomech tattoo, unfortunately I can’t find it now..

I think Helmut was the guy who put the picture online but couldn’t find the artist.. I think this is an amazing piece and would love something similar if I could find the artist!

I have looked at other portfolios online over the past while and I think that the only other person who could do something similar is Louis Molloy in Middleton Tattoo Studio Manchester. Louis is the guy who was on London Ink and did David Beckham’s backpiece. He also did Ronan Keating’s Celtic Cross/Shield piece.

If you know who did this biomech piece please get in touch: nessymon@gmail.com or leave a comment thanks

Finally I have to thank my mate Alan who brought me a copy of Total Tattoo yesterday – one of the most thoughtful things I’ve gotten in a while – Cheers Matey!

For a direct link to Ink’s Youtube

…nessy out!