Lestrange: Aisha! (Shut Your Mouth) Review

Aisha! CoverLestrange is Gareth McNamara from Co. Mayo. Aisha! (Shut Your Mouth) is his latest release and it’s quite interesting. McNamara’s acoustic punk rock style is refreshing and echos Billy Bragg, Ian Dury and The Clash.

It’s hardly surprising that his music lyrically looks at social and political themes. Aisha looks at Islamaphobia and refers to how the media ‘Focus on the price of oil’ so its a good old style protest song.

Is it any good? It’s not bad. McNamara uses an acoustic guitar and an electric on this track.  His vocals are good and he shows that he’s more than just a shouty punk rocker. Seeing as he does have a particular message to put out, I’d like to hear his vocals a little bit higher in the mix and the electric, a little lower and perhaps not completely mixed to the left. Mainly just to make sure all his lyrics are crystal clear.

Not a bad effort at all.

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