Leaving Ireland // Flight FR118 Dublin to London Gatwick

This is the second time that I’ve lived in London, last time, circa 2001-2002, I lasted about ten months.

Living somewhere different was a lot harder then, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, we had basic internet on our TV!! Yes, we used our TV to get emails. It was harder to find out what was happening in different areas of London, all you had was Time Out really. It was also harder to keep up with what was happening at home.

This week marks my second anniversary in London this time round and last Saturday I made a trip back to London. Two years ago, at the same time, I made the trip to London to start a new job. It’s never easy leaving loved ones but at least we’ve internet. Calls on landlines don’t cost a small fortune, you can What’s App, Facebook them, on the train, at work, Ireland’s not as far away as it once was. But London’s still not home.

I try to get home once every six weeks or so and one upside of this is that I love planes. I love the clouds and how each trip is the same but different.

Last Saturday evening, I loved the colours as we took off from Dublin Airport, the orangey colour of the sun against the clouds was amazing. Later into flight, the sky was so red that my phone couldn’t handle the colours.

Here’s what I saw leaving Dublin.

Here’s pic I took later on in the flight.