La Roux at The Academy Dublin Review

The Academy venue is gaining a good reputation for hosting great acts, when I heard La Roux was playing I jumped to grab a ticket. I moved even quicker when I learned that Ou Est La Swimming Pool were opening.

The UK trio have adopted a second vocalist for live shows.. Good idea. The synth 80’s like soundscapes entertain the growing audience.

The guys sounded great but I thought it quite funny the two singers didn’t seem to know what to do with themselves, in a complete blokey kind of way. So the resort to walking to and fro across the stage. I really like these guys, I’m an eighties kid 🙂

They finished with Dance The Way I Feel, the main frontman throwing in lines from the recent hit ‘I left my heart in Tokyo’. Good Times!

The venue is jammed as La Roux take the stage. The use of lights as a backdrop on a small stage was really good.

The band worked its way through the debut album, with the tempo picking up in the second half of the show. Apart from the singles, Colourless Colour got the biggest cheer of the night and is a definite contender for a single.

The singer seems quite shy and retiring and mentioned on a couple of occassions that she was delighted to be back on stage after illness.

The three piece band must be a sound engineer’s dream.. Two musicians with keys and one electronic drum kit.

Several times I thought that with the changing lights and the musicians’ stage set up, it was very much like a Top Of The Pops set circa 1985.

For a first night of a tour, it was a very good show, I’d definitely go see La Roux again. Another couple of hits in the running order and it would be a cracking show.