Keith Moss and The Tightrope Walkers: Fat Men Have to Eat (Video)

KeithMossHere’s a little known fact, once upon about 8 years ago, a member of The Tightrope Walkers helped me move apartments! (Thanks Paul! Dunno when I saw you last!) ‘Anyway Fat Men Have to Eat’ is taken from the album ‘What Eludes You Moves You’, which was released on Reekus Records at the end of July this year.

Amendement which comes from Keith himself via Facebook

“The version of Fat Men… featured in the video is actually a brand new one, re-recorded from scratch (its the very first Tightrope Walkers recording in fact). I also thought it fresher and more artistically-valid to record a new version rather than just taking a track off the album as a single.”

Moss has a quirkiness to his music but this track does a good job of capturing what’s going on in Ireland now. There’s a darkness to the track and it’s balanced by Elton Mullally’s video. Looking at Ireland from a new location, it’s easy to see we should have been on the street more, a lot more. There should have been more protests. Share this video, it might spark something.