Just Say Yes // Make Us Equal


As I write this, I’m looking at pictures on social media. Queues of people are jamming out airports to make it home to vote. I’m making the trip in the early morning.

Two things stand out. The sheer numbers of fellow travellers and right at this moment, how emotional I feel about what we, as a country, can do. What the people of Ireland can do.

Everyone deserves happiness, everyone deserves to be able to get married to the person they love, so do I. But this vote isn’t about me. It’s about future generations of young members of the LGBT community. It’s about ensuring they never have to feel ashamed, unsure, tortured.

It’s about them knowing are accepted totally in their homeland for who they are. They are accepted in every way. They pay taxes, go to work, they can get married to the person they love.

They are equal, we are equal. The sons and daughters of the ‘Old Irish mentality’, finally, properly, stepping out of the shadows and standing shoulder to shoulder with each other. We have their backs, they have ours. We are equal.

It’s not a Utopian society dream, together we can make this happen. We can prove Ireland to be a world leader, being the first to introduce equal marriage by popular vote.

We’ve come a long way baby, there’s still a road to travel but it’s not as long as it used to be. You can make a difference. You. You’ve two choices.

Vote Yes, your life isn’t effected. Everyone can get married to the people they love, regardless of gender. Vote No, your life isn’t effected but the lives of Ireland’s LGBT community is. You are not allowing them to marry the person they love. You are not allowing me to marry the person I love. We’ll feel like second class citizens. You didn’t feel strong enough to make a stand, to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Nothing changes in your life.

The positivity and shows of support on social media are staggering, people travelling across the world to vote. To vote for me. Thank you. Together we can make a brighter future, for all of us.

This was also published on GoldenPlec.com