John, Shelly and The Creatures: Long May You Reign Review

John, Shelly & The Creatures
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Listening to the new single by John, Shelly and The Creatures proved to be a slight headwreck. Where did I know that song from? Back to the PR notes.

‘Long May You Reign’ is currently featured on the TV advert for Discover Northern Ireland, though we only get a glimpse of what a great track this is. Sometimes listening pleasure can be changed by knowing a songs history, not this time.

A folky guitar intro is the perfect intro for whispering vocals. Add in a mandolin, slide guitar and is that a harmonica I hear? You’ve got a perfect sonic soundscape. Production is pristine.

While knowing a clip of the song from TV, this offers so much more. ‘Long May You Reign’ is taken from the Belfast based band’s new album ‘Dinosaur’, due out in March 2010.

If the rest of the the band’s material is like this it should be a hell of a year for them.

5.998 out of 6 (I’m being a tougher reviewer this year)

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