John “Irish” Earle

John as I knew him
John as I knew him

For a long time I had looked for this file. It was an interview I had done with my friend John Earle. I found it today.

I met John first in 2002 and probably spoke to him almost every day for the next four or five years.

His little black book fascinated me, held tightly it was like a part of him. The names John had written in his book were names from the Rock n Roll history books. People he knew and had played his magical saxophone for. John’s memory was fading and the names he had written were names he never wanted to forget.

He was thrilled when I asked him if I could chat with him and record the conversation about his days on the music circuit.

I never knew he was known as “Irish”, that’s something I learned after he died. I just knew him as John.

Rest in Peace

The interview write up is here: it was originally published here:

Enjoy – I hope it makes you smile like it made me smile when I found it