Jody Has A Hitlist: Boy Caught Envy EP Review

Jody Has A Hitlist have come a long way in their relatively short existence with a Meteor nomination for ‘Most Promising New Artist 2010’ and numerous UK tours. Their three track EP ‘Boy Caught Envy’ is available from

The lead track ‘Boy Caught Envy’ shows the band developing and maturing their sound, not sounding as poppy as their previous releases. Its an uptempo track with a nice intro build up. Production is spot on for the genre and features a nice breakdown in the middle of the track. This gives the track a little more room to breathe and the inclusion of layers of vocal harmonies. Good musicianship, manic drumming!

‘See You Around’ immediately catches your attention. It’s melodic, great vocals, great structure good danceable tempo. Why isn’t this on the radio already? It should be, full stop. These guys know their sound and know what their potential audience want. Excellent.

The piano led ‘Remember The Forever’ shows Jody Has A Hitlist in what seems like a more thoughtful mood. The uptempo cleverly builds up and the addition of a second vocalist’s refrain adds to the track. Again, JHAH know their sound and are bloody good at what they do. If they have the legs to out run their competitors, the future will be bright.

This was written for MusicReviewUnsigned