Jersey Shore: Are they really like that?

I’ve been hearing about MTV’s new show Jersey Shore for a couple of weeks. It seems to be causing quite a stir. I was listening to a tech podcast last week when the subject of Jersey Shore arose, one podcaster described it as ‘ where young Italian American’s go to express their sexuality’. OK then!

Seeing as it was a bank holiday weekend and tendonitis in my shoulder kept me quiet, I decided as I was flicking through the Channels, that I’d have a go and see what it was all about. Besides, The Late Late Show was on on again and I just could take another two hours of Tubridy.

First impressions as the housemates arrive are that its like The Real World.. ok no biggie there.. All the cast have arrived and they get to know each other. One of the housemates, Snookie, a tiny little person obviously cant drive as much as the others and is pretty soon is in a heap. Fun and games start.. in the hot tub! Poor Snookie tries gets to know a couple of the guys rather well.

By Episode 2 of Jersey Shore, I’m tending to agree with our podcaster friend. The guys, all muscular Italians are babe magnets and seem to bring home hotties whenever they want. A couple of the girls seem to forget they actually have boyfriends in the outside world and want to hit it off with the guys.

If these guys were 21 or 22, they’d probably get away with acting like that.. One of the guys said he was 29, he really should know better.

Then there are the nicknames, each of them has one. Now I know most people know me by my nickname, Nessy, but there’s one of the guys, Mike, who calls himself  ‘The Situation’. The What? The Situation! It doesnt even make sense! The egocentric world these people live in is a million miles away from the ‘Reality TV’ that its supposed to be. They have to play up for the cameras, they really can’t be like that can they?

As far as I can make out Jersey Shore is like a cheaper version of the Hamptons, a weekend party resort where people go to get drunk and get laid. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I think two episodes of this is more than enough for me, one episode is entertaining, two starts to get annoying. Maybe that’s what the makers want though.. to get people like me writing about it.

Cast Photo from here