Jedward: Victory Review

jedward_victoryLove them or hate them there’s no denying the Grimes twins have succeeded in making Jedward a household name. Their second, yes, second album features original tracks, no covers ala X Factor.

The album opens with the immediately recognizable ‘Lipstick’, great choice of opener and unless you were under a rock for the months of April and May this year, you already know their Eurovision entry. This is followed by follow up single the poptastic ‘Bad Behaviour’.

As expected the pop production is polished throughout and more than tips a hat at the great pop of the late nineties early noughties. Definitely not as raunchy as Britney but a little more grown up than someone like Aaron Carter. Maybe early Five, or 5ive as they were.

This is where I think the Jeds get caught. The guys themselves are almost twenty but the majority of their music fans are tweenies and they face the same dilemmas that people like Tiffany faced in days of yore. What kind of songs should they sing? You have to keep it clean and child proof for their audience. This, without any doubt, places them in a safe pop category.

So it’s hard to know whether John and Edward want to sing about putting someones face on their tshirt on Your Biggest Fan, which incidentally has a Felix-like ‘Don’t You Want Me’ bass line. This could actually get a pumping remix!

It’s a solid pop album, there’s nothing here that breaks any moulds or will set the world alight. Expect it to sell truck loads. If nothing else we will always have them to thank for an amazing night in May.