JEdward… A Nations Favourite?


John and Edward Grimes from Lucan, Co.Dublin have easily, it can be said, divided a nation.

Since Louis Walsh put the twins into the final 12 contestants on the X Factor, their talent has been questioned. Nevermind that the twins are probably the most annoying duo ever to hit our screens, or the fact that they have pretty much wrecked a couple of songs with their ‘vocal talents’, they are however, bloody good entertainers.

What a lot of people have forgotten is what is going on in this part of the world at the moment! No one has any money, less people are going out at the weekend so they are watching the TV. Cheap nights in also call for a bit of entertainment, JEdward provide that.

No matter how questionable their vocals or how many comments Simon Cowell tries to knock them with, John and Edward are providing a comic relief in a time when other X Factor contestants are taking themselves a little too seriously.

On the surface the X Factor maybe a TV talent show, but what the producers really want is ratings. John and Edward may not win the competition but a lot of people are tuning in just to see what they get up to.

As for John and Edward themselves, I reckon a career in TV beckons, they are fun, game for a laugh and dont take themselves too seriously. After all they have had good role models with Ant and Dec (“, )

Fair Play to them! And whats even funnier the biggest shock and rumour the ‘media’ can find about the pair is that they steal breakfast cereal and eat it with water instead of milk..

At the end of the day, X Factor is only a gameshow!

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