James O’Connor Out On A Limb Review


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I think country is making a comeback… maybe its the recession and images of crying into beer.

‘Out on a limb’ is the new single from Laois’ James O’Connor and features Audrey Trainor on violin.

The production on this track definitely gives it a country feel but the introduction of the violin certainly nods at the folk/trad field.

Track 2 features what has now become the unusual decision to put an instrumental version in there… Hmm! Haven’t seen that in a while!

Overall the song is not entirely my cup of tea, I would have liked to see more troughs and hills in the verse/chorus/verse production. I feel though that the one thing that may stop the track getting a decent amount of airplay in the length. I’d do a radio edit, at 4 minutes 30 seconds, I think its a little long.

It’s a good start but I need to hear more before making a solid judgement.


4 out of 6

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