I’ve Been Asked To Remove A Review

Er what? No!

I did a review a while back, the artist will remain nameless for the moment, but their tiny independent label got in touch with me through Facebook asking me to remove the review.


A review is one person’s opinion and it’s my opinion, I still stand by the review I wrote. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

They wondered how I got the information about the artist, which came from the Label Myspace page.

I think its funny that they said too they didn’t realise I was who I was – my blog is linked to here from my Facebook page.. told the Label Guy that the review is on my blog and they can retort there.

I haven’t spoken evil or bad of anyone. I’ve put up a disclaimer to explain a bit more.  A review is one person’s opinion and there’s a thing called Freedom of Speech. The sender of the message even said they thought the review was well written. (Declan, my lecturer would be proud)

I’m only one of millions in the blogosphere. Jeez If I had know earlier that my writings were being so influential I would have been writing for the New York Times or Rolling Stone and making a fortune.

Finally, not every review is going to be glowing I even mentioned the artist had talent.. retort on the blog post.. It’s staying up!

…. (a baffled) nessy out!