Island Living Ain’t for Me

that Icelandic volcano that no one can spell or pronounce

So for the second time in what, two weeks, ? Irish airspace is closed. The bloody volcano is at it again.. Yes, that Icelandic volcano that no one can spell or pronounce or Eyjafjallajokul, to you and me, has decided to blow its top again. Cheers for that!

Now, I’m not planning on escaping the country tomorrow or anything but the sheer thought of not being able to go anywhere I want, whenever I want is enough to actually make me want to leave our fair isle altogether.

Two weeks ago, our airspace was closed for 6 days, 6 days!! Do you know what that felt like to me? Well, living close to the airport, I’ve got used to the roar of the engines. The colder it is, the louder the engines. Its only 4km up the road so during the Artic Winter of January and February, the planes sounded like they were taking off from our garden. I’m a weird one. you see. I actually like that, I love planes.

Not being able to hear the planes felt like I was trapped somewhere in Outer Mongolia (no offence meant to the nice people of Outer Mongolia). Even now as I write, I can hear the planes taking off, must be chilly tonight. However, the one thing that really freaks me is, how the hell do I get off this island?

Seriously? If I had the money I’d invest in a big boat. The volcano, caused havoc for two years the last time it decided to spurt its lava. It’s a bloody volcano, its not going to know when two years are up.

So realistically, the only definite way out of the country is to swim, as all the ports are chocker blocked again…

It’s like we’ve all gone back a few hundred years, the icy weather at the beginning of the year kinda turned us all into hunter gatherers again, stocking up food and heating supplies. This, this could be what turns us into Vikings again, going everywhere by boat. But even if we can get to the UK or Europe by boat, we cannot get to the US of A, no surree.. a six week boat trip for all.. hurray!

It’s scary, I like my freedom, I like being able to go where ever I want, whenever I want, even if I have nothing planned I want to know I can get out.

The ash cloud is dangerous, the sash cloud is safe. No its dangerous. Admit it, you guys haven’t a clue !

Trapped, isolated, dying to burst out. Is this what claustrophobia is like?