Ireland vs South Africa

I’ve never been to a rugby game before so when my sis asked me if I’d go with her to Ireland v South Africa, I jumped at the chance.

There was a great vibe in Croke Park, everyone was relaxed and in the mood for a good game.

The IRFU really know how to entertain people. The musical interludes definitely added to the build up before the game.

I’ve been in Croke Park at GAA matches more times than I can count. This time though was different. Maybe it was because it was an international game. Everyone there was on the same side.

The National Anthem was sung with gusto but when ‘Ireland’s Call’ was sung it was something different altogether.
It was, being totally honest, quite overwhelming. The Phil Coulter song was sung with passion and respect. What really struck me was how the crowd waited til the very end of the music outro to applaud. It doesn’t happen like that with The National Anthem.

The fog hanging across the stadium was a bit mad. At certain points of the game it was hard to see the top of the opposite stand.

As someone who isn’t overly familiar with the rules of rugby I thought the refs radios were the best thing ever. For €10 you could purchase an inear radio from which you could hear all the refs chats and decisions. Genius!

The game itself.. It turned out the right way for us. Northen Hemisphere champions beating Southern Hemisphere champs!

Really enjoyable afternoon, I’ll go to another rugby game. Hopefully it won’t be so cold at the next one.