Interview with Pee Wee Ellis

Pee Wee Ellis - pic from Wee Ellis is a legend, end of story. The man is one of the most influential musicians of the past 50 years and has worked alongside some of the greats, James Brown, Van Morrison and George Benson for starters.

He’s such a lovely man, he gave out to me for calling him ‘Mr Ellis’. He tells me that ‘Mr Ellis was my Daddy. My name is Pee Wee’ and when I protested he said ‘Ok, you called me that the first time, it’s Pee Wee from now on.’ Read my interview on Goldenplec. I mentioned the photo on the right to him.

Pee Wee Ellis and His Funk Assembly along with Grandmaster Flash play The Savoy for the Cork Jazz Festival on Saturday 29th 2011.