Insidious: Movie Review

insidiousDirected by James Wan

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey. Lin Shaye

Cert: 16

Running Time: 102mins

Directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, Insidious is based around the Lamberts, a happy all American family who are moving into a new house, until their son becomes ill for no apparent reason. trapped in a coma that the medical profession can’t explain. Weird, explained things happen around the house, the family, again, move homes to try a fresh start but, well there’s always a but.

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne play the distressed parents who on the advice of his mother call her friend Elise (Lin Shaye) a paranormal specialist, who with the help of her ‘Ghostbuster’ buddies want to save their son Dalton from a dark realm called ‘The Further’. Josh must then go to ‘The Further’ to save his son.

The horror genre is a difficult one. What turns one person into a scaredy cat doesn’t work for everyone and it seems that there are a lot of play by the numbers films in the genre. This writer wouldn’t be the biggest horror fan but going on previous reports I was expecting to be trembling coming out of this. Unfortunately, for me, I jumped just once, at the start of the film and was waiting for the next one which didn’t happen. The nearest was the last scene.

The storyline was interesting and was well worked out. The relationship between the writer and director seems to have worked well. The film was interesting.  If you’re a fan of Poltergiest, this might be for you. It just didn’t scare me.

(Edit: This should have been published last week instead it got caught in the annals of draftland. I spoke to some people over the weekend who have seen Insidious and they are still jumping. So It’s the kind of movie that will either have you like me, asking if that’s it? or will scare you senseless)