Identity Parade: Six Shades of Blue E.P. Review

identity paradeIdentity Parade are back with a four track E.P. ‘Six Shades of Blue’. This is the first new music we’ve heard from the band since their self titled debut album which produced a trio of Top 30 Irish hits.

The title track opens proceedings. It’s a slow builder with nice string plucks and a bigger use of synth sounds than in previous recordings. Having recorded and produced the EP themselves, it seems like the band have updated themselves with an a very contemporary UK indie vibe which nods at some eighties vibes.

IDP seem to like the slow build ups. ‘Plagued’, again builds up slowly. When all the instrumentation comes in though, either the keys could be a little lower in the mix or the vocals a little louder. The keys seem to be tilted more to the left and this seems to overpower the vocals slightly. Not a bad track though. 

The biggest thing with changing your sound slightly is how far you want to take it. ‘The Keeper’ has a serious electro vibe. Simple lyrics, seductive vocals, catchy bass line. This is a really decent track with the possibility of many a dance remix. Final track ‘Property’, is a full on rock track of what we had come to expect on the band’s debut record. Again catchy hooks are the order of the day.

Impressed by this, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’m not sure what or who the band have been listening to, keep doing it though. I think once they manage to capture the exact direction and sound they are after, we could have something very special.