I Don’t Do End of Year Lists but if I did..

No, I don’t do lists but here are a few things that stood out for me in 2011.

The Wild Bride at The Gaiety : Totally amazing, fantastic set, great story beautifully told.

Take That at Croke Park: A double helping of Robbie Williams & Co. yes please. Best weekend of the year.. But damn you Robbie you owe Cory a handshake.

Here’s a link to a full video of Robbie on Youtube, I didn’t get one. I was too busy going NUTZ!

The Summer of GAA: I don’t think I’ve ever been to so many games, thanks Cory, this track will always remind me of that. Steve Stellarsound and vocals from Bennie for Little XXs for Eyes did a stunning job.

A few of my favourite acts:

Patrick Wolf

The Naked and Famous:

Cloud Control:

Little Comets:

A list would require number and some sort of order – this doesn’t have that…