I can’t get no sleep

me sleeping

Second night in a row, I can’t sleep. I’m hoping that its because I’m not in college so my routine is a bit all over the place, doesn’t help when I’ve assignments and my first exam in years next week.

A couple of years ago, I had pretty bad insomnia. I had thought of starting a blog ‘Diary of an Insomniac’, writing about what I did at night when I couldn’t sleep.

One of the things was that I started watching baseball. Being a Giants fan, this was actually quite good thanks to the time difference.

I started reading. And reading. And reading. I couldn’t get enough books. I was going through at least one book a week. Everything from Dan Brown’s first four books to ‘Oranges are the best fruit’, can’t remember who wrote that.

I tried not to read so much, I tried reading books I didn’t really want to read. I found that if I started getting into a book, it was almost harder for me to sleep. I wanted to find out what happened on the next page.

I had a job once upon a time, where I had to do shift work. Once every three months I did the nightshift, which I have to say I didn’t mind doing at all. Kinda liked it. Once the first day was sorted you were grand, automatically getting into the daysleeper pattern.

That’s one of the hard things about not sleeping at night. What about the others you live with?. Even our cat, Pudser has the routine of sleeping at night, when her ‘staff’ do. Aren’t cats supposed to be noctural? Nah, not Pudser!

If there are others in the house, its hard to tiptoe around without making noise. And the hardest thing about not sleeping is the boredom.

It’s times like these that I wish I had a little netbook so I could just keep writing instead of using the Blackberry all the time.

That too isn’t an ideal situation, left to my own devices I normally end up sleeping from about 5-6am til lunchtime. Not ideal. Trying to maintain any friendships, relationships, jobs, can be difficult to say the least.

Work can undoubtally also be effected. I’ve been known to have had full conversations about work with potential clients without remembering a thing. While I sleep I now automatically answer the phone, the most popular question I’m asked, ‘Did I wake you up?’.

I just want my comfy pillow for another hour.