Hot Country


It’s a bit mad! I’ve been meaning to get back into radio for a long time.. sometimes life gets in the way.

I was asked to attend a meeting last night for Hot Country. A radio station based in Ireland, who have been granted a temporary radio license, broadcasting for 30 days over 14/15 weekends.

The station goes on air this weekend and will broadcast on 104.2 FM

I like the idea and concept of the station, bringing country music into the 21st century.

It’s very encouraging to find such a nice group of people who are willing to give me a chance on air, especially when they have absolutely no idea who or what I am.

The timing of when I got in touch couldn’t have been better really, the station starts broadcasting this weekend so I literally got there in the nick of time.

I will be providing cover over the coming weekends, doing some voiceovers and The Weekly Country Music News on one show.

Jim, the programme controller, introduced me as Vanessa, then later mentioned that I called myself Nessy, I got a ‘OOOhh You’re Nessy!’, which was kinda funny! from Audrey, who I thought I recognized. I had actually had a conversation with her about three years ago.. in my old apartment!

Small world!

The website for the station from last year is here.. think they are in the process of getting a new one up and running.

…nessy out!