Ho Ho Ho-ly God! It’s Christmas


One of the things that annoys me about Christmas is Xmas. What happened? Why the X?

If its does represent the whole Christian thing, is this a symbol to represent the crucifixion? So we could call it Crossmas?

We all know the story, Pagans had a festival at the Winter solstice. When Christianity came along it piggybacked on the Pagan Festival until it became a ‘Christian’ festival. But its not really is it?

As far as I can see its just an excuse for people to get together in the middle of winter and have some sort of dinner or party to keep their spirits up.

As Christmas takes place after the winter solstice and here in the Northern Hemisphere it could also be a celebration that the evenings are getting longer and we’ve survived the darkest bit of the year.

So this festival, has been adopted and transformed by Christians into a version of what we now know. Add a dollop of commericialism and a drop of Coca Cola and we’re all set.

So I went off to Mass with the folks today, first time since last Christmas. It makes for an easier life to play along.

The Catholic Church here has been ‘rocked’ by abuse scandals. Between last night and today though, it all taken a weirder turn.

Firstly, Good ole Popey, Rattzigner.. Or what’s his name Benedict (really couldn’t think of it), here was Benny and his fellow flowy dressed buddies take off to said Midnight Mass, (all midnight masses start at 9pm now ??) When some old dear crosses a few barriers and makes a jump at him.. He gets knocked over.

So what do the Vatican do? Take the old dear off to a psychiatric hospital. Well she did try to do the same last year, security just didn’t learn.

Last night in Longford in Ireland, the Catholic Cathedral mysteriously burned down.. Ah well!

Then this morning two more bishops resigned, because they bloody didn’t bother doing anything to protect kids from clerical child abuse.. If it happened to anyone else or any other organisation, the people responsible would be charged with being an accessory to a crime.. Watch these guys walk!

All this at Christmas?

Last night I had an almost argument with my Mum, I think its up to the clergy to prove to the people that they’re good and not the clergy of the past. My mum reckons not everyone is bad.. Well prove it so!

So thinking about everything and how I don’t agree with the Catholic Church anyway so for my new years resolution for I going to get out! Simple!

The Catholic Church, not only priests and nuns and the christian brothers have had too much influence over our island for FAR too long.

To be honest I think it could be another 40 years until Ireland completely gets rid of the insufferable lock that the Catholic Church has had over it. Why 40 years? Because attitudes are changing now and being honest, I think my generation need to become the older generation before our little nation is sorted.

This is why I’m leaving… Count Me Out!

Picture of the Nativity From Here