Hey! It’s My Dream! :P

santa-monicaIf you’re a regular visitor to my blog you’ll know that I’m not a great sleeper, when I do sleep, Hell It’s Good! The last time that I can remember having a dream was one where I was running to catch a bus. I had been on crutches for 20 weeks at that stage.

This morning I woke up and I could remember what I had been dreaming. I was in Santa Monica, the weather was great. I was at a bar/cafe beside The Kings Heads which is on Santa Monica Boulevard about two blocks from the ocean front. I was waiting to meet Amber Benson, seemingly at this stage I had some decent experience directing films or television.

I think Amber owned or rented the Cafe, she was a bit busy and told me to go have a coffee with Adam Busch, who I hadn’t met before. We awkwardly chat while sitting on high stools at a beer garden.

Amber finishes whatever she’s doing and we go to their apartment upstairs, to an airy bright living room. You couldn’t see the ocean from here but you could hear the splashes against the shore.

Why was I there? We were having a business meeting about me working on a project with them. Something like a cross between Glee and the Buffy musical. Alyson Hannigan arrived, whom I had known from somewhere, and we got down to the gritty business crap and what style and type of shots we would be using.

santa-monica-third-street-promenade Whatever we were doing was in a serial format and there was a possibility that at some stage Josh Whedon would be a guest director.

The meeting was going great, I was staying in Santa Monica and going for dinner in a restaurant where I could sit outside and watch the Pacific.

I must be have been staying there for a while, I texted my mate Timbo, who is currently in San Francisco (in real life, not dream life), to tell him to get his ass to LA, the project was going ahead and there would be work!

I could see the brilliant bright colours in the sky, smell the ocean, see the desert-like trees, feel the warm breeze.

Then I woke up.

It’s a while since I’ve been in California, I loved San Francisco when I was there but adored Santa Monica. I went to LA on my own and Santa Monica reminds me of the freedom of being on my own, somewhere I had never been before – and I loved it.

The brain works in strange ways, when I was there I walked one day to Venice, which isn’t too far away. It started raining so I decided to head back to where I was staying in Santa Monica. I pulled my hood up and walked looking at the ground.

I walked into someone at an intersection, I look up and apologize, it’s Nick Brendan, Xander from Buffy. My words, Oh Shit! Xander! He smiled said Hi and walked away.

I’ve been a Buffy fan for as long as I can remember and this week read Buffy Season 8, Predators and Prey.

Yesterday I had been doing a lot of work and before I headed off to bed, went through Twitter and saw that Amber Benson and Adam Busch were going to be on KevinPollak’sChatShow today chatting about Drones the new film they directed.

As I was watching The Big Bang Theory, I got a comment from DowneyBookGirl on the post about Glee where I had mentioned I had heard that Josh Whedon was rumoured to be directing a future episode.

Put them all together and add a dash of fairydust! Hey! It’s my dream!

…nessy out!

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