Henrietta Game: Black Ship Review

Henrietta Game Black Ship The release of an album used to be an event. In the days before instant download, we had to wait. Anticipation would build.

Henrietta Game beautifully build the anticipation with the ‘Intro’ to their debut album ‘Black Ship’. Glockenspiel and cello combine and are gradually joined by guitar and choral section which build for the entire one minute and 32 seconds. It’s a perfect intro to the whispering start of the title track.

I don’t think there’s anyone quite like Henrietta Game, their use of classic organic instruments and vocal harmonies is simply stunning. Behind these though, we find a treasure trove of lyrics and production tricks.  One such of these is on the track ‘Black Ship’, where a percussive sound seems to echo the sea’s waves.

’28 hours’ follows current single ‘Sleep Then‘.  HG have mastered the art of song delivery. Christy Leech’s whispering vocals build up to so we can feel the pain and anguish of the track.

One of the many striking things about HG is how they use their instruments and have obviously spent a hell of a lot of time of the arrangements. While many have just used cello and violin, HG have taken them and given them their rightful place in contemporary music.

Add to these amazing heartfelt and clever lyrics and harmonies and you’ve got one of my favourite songs of the year so far,  ‘Rain-Drenched Strings’.  Stunning isn’t a good enough word. It’s enough to give you tingles as their luscious sound envelops you.

Every time I listen to ‘Black Ship’ I hear something different.  This is one of the most interesting and lyrically gorgeous albums I’ve heard in a long time. Henrietta Game: File Under ‘Essential Listening’.