Heirs to Nothing: Sucker Review

heirs to nothing

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When someone you never met before suddenly sends you 10 megabytes of unsolicted music, you tend to think there might be two things going on. These guys are new to the game or it’s just plain desperation.

Heirs to Nothing seem to be a band of contradictions, while their myspace page says they are from Galway, the email your reviewer received states their hometown is Limerick.

Sucker (Driving Me Away) is their debut single, released in September and was better than I expected. It’s a standard AOR track starting with a guitar/vocal and then a drum build up.. I would have liked a bit more Umph when the track really kicks in. Recording and production are both clean, near the end of the track harmonies kick in, more of that earlier would have lifted the track a bit, as would brightening the drum sound.

The other tracks the band included are Lover and Runaway. Lover starts like an 80’s throwback reminisent of Visage. About 2 minutes into the track the full pop sound comes to the fore. While Runaway is a definitely a more rock track but I think it needs to be at a faster tempo.

Founded by Martin Bennett, the guys do still have a lot of growing to do and need to find exactly where they fit. I hope they are not releasing their debut too soon.


3 out of 6

Word of advice: Don’t send unsolicted material to ANYONE. Don’t CC, BCC your emails, we want to feel special. Make sure you have a proper biography and all information matches on all your publicly accesible sites. This could be the difference between being played on the radio and your material being binned.

After re-reading the band’s email to me I’d like to point out that it said ‘hometown and Limerick’. Apologies but it was hard to read the whole thing being in one paragraph.

Picture taken from the band’s myspace page