Heartbeat FM: Last Weekend of Broadcast

So this weekend, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December, is the final weekend of broadcasting on HeartbeatFM. Heartbeat is broadcasting on a 30 day temporary licence from the BAI. On Sunday, Heartbeat will be counting down the top 100 love songs of all time, that should have some gems!

Nine weekends have flown by and I’ve really enjoyed it. Thanks to Joe and Tony for giving me the opportunity to clog the airwaves every weekend. Thanks to the people who have listened to the show, those who have texted and sent me lovely messages on Facebook and Twitter. I was well chuffed last Friday to find out I had listeners in Calgary, Canada.

So, my final two shows will be on Friday and Saturday nights between 2000-2200 GMT on 88.1 in the greater Dublin area and heartbeatfm.net around the world. Still time to get requests in for ‘Love at the Movies’ and ‘Top Nine at Nine’ so you can send an email to nessyontheradio@gmail.com or when I’m on air to studio@heartbeatfm.net

Tune in and get loved up!