Have you heard of Soundmite? // Social Audio



I first heard of Soundmite about 18 months ago. I met Steve, one of the gents behind the social audio app at a pre-drinks for the Next Radio conference.

I immediately fell in love with the idea. A social audio app with which you can post 21 seconds of audio. Enough time to share what you’re up to or what you’re listening to, enough to get an audio bite size look into someone’s day. And, short enough that you won’t get bored by a lengthy monologue.

I find it handy to use for audio trails for The London Ear. If you heard a radio ad promoting a radio show, that’s a trail. 21 secs is more than enough.

Each ‘Soundmite’ is 21 seconds is a good length of time to pick out Tunes of the week, recommend a new music track and in a time that doesn’t break any copyright rules as you’re using it for fair usage, reporting or reviewing. Very clever.

Nessymon on Soundmite
My Profile on Soundmite

Where I think Soundmite can and should really come into it’s own is with radio stations getting listeners to leave their feedback and using a hashtag to filter. If a listener is concise, they can leave feedback about new features, tracks, jokes, etc and a producer can play this soundmites straight from the internet. You don’t have to fear the wrath of the public on live radio. At 21 seconds long, you’ll be able to vet each ‘mite’ before playing out on air.

Soundmite is currently iOS app and I use it on my iPad. Younger users, I think, can make the best of this on iPods.

There are a few little things that would be great to add to the app. The ability to embed individual soundmites would be great.

Try it out, give it a go, get your username now! I think once this app is developed for Android, it will really take off.

If you’re on Soundmite, follow me!

You can find my mites here: https://app.soundmite.com/user/nessymon