Happy Jan 22nd!

So lots of things happening in the world this week. Mr Obama can just about dance, who care’s GET TO WORK!!! Fix that country of yours! … and when you’re finished can you give us a hand here?

Major changes on the Irish side of the big pond! Music Matters International will be changing its name to .. Tadah – Nessy Productions.. I even got my new business cards. The new name gives me more scope to do different things and seeing as its near impossible to get stock, thanks to the world being in a state of  ‘chassis’ , I’m not going to add more stress to myself than I really have to…

Never thought I’d say this.. thanks to the guys from Sony who were great today in Terenure going through their range of cameras.. I want an PMW EX3 even more now.. recession recession – I don’t care! I still want one! Check out www.camerakit.ie  for my supplier friends in Terenure.. and with the BNC out cables its dead handy for using them for animations and for cromakeying..  Met some good people there too today!

Other brill news today is Clive Owen is going to speak about his role in (jaw drops) Sin City at the Jameson Film Festival 🙂 I’ll be there with bells on…  News about that there http://www.iftn.ie/news/?act1=record&aid=73&rid=4281825&tpl=archnews&only=1 .. but don’t buy all the tickets.. i want one! I love graphic novels and I love the whole graphic novel film genre.. the colour grading…. the aesthetics… 🙂 It’s one of the reasons I went back to college, to learn all about that… So I’m definitely looking forward to Feb 17th!

Berlinale is only two weeks away!